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Abraham H Kryger, MD, DMD Abraham H Kryger, MD, DMD

The Monterey Diet™– Testimonials

Diets come and go but this one has survived through the years. The Original recipe is not traceable at this time however, so I have modified and developed my own version. The LOW CARB DRK'S Cabbage/Chicken Soup Diet™ is extremely effective for achieving rapid weight loss in a short time.
Generally you cannot deviate or substitute in this type of diet in order for it to work. These types of diets work by caloric restriction and are not meant to be totally tasty and nutritious. You cannot live on this diet for more than one month. Weight loss is due to starvation due to caloric restriction,  not loss of water. You are drinking soup daily, you cannot get dehydrated. Some people blend the soup and vegies for a creamier soup.

If you are allergic to any product, eliminate it from the diet. If you cannot obtain the required vegetable or fruit, you can request a special substitution list which is provided along with the Vegetarian version and one  personal email consultation answering any questions you may have. This cannot subsitute for a medical consultation and is for diet use only. *THERE IS A CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE: Contact the medical director.

You may be interested in some comments from The Monterey Diet users.
Here are a couple of success stories:

Dear Dr Kryger,
Your diet came to me via a friend who found it on the net.  What a life-saver!  I'm about 20% overweight, but more importantly for me, I suffer food intolerances.  Having cleared out candida and semi-healed my gut two years ago under the tutelage of Dr at Middlesex Hospital, London,  I was well for the following two years on a relatively 'normal' diet.
However, overindulgence of wheat and dairy etc started the problem again in October 1998 and by Christmas, I ached so much all over particularly low back and sacroiliac (sp?) that in the mornings I had to crawl from my bed to the toilet.  An hour's dog walk later, I was somewhat more flexible, but the nagging pains remained.  My stomach and abdomen were distended, hard and painful even in loose clothes. Also I had finger joints which were red and swollen. And I had gained 20 pounds during Xmas overindulgence and inactivity created by the painful joints. My physiotherapist gave up on me.
Within three days of starting your diet on Jan 4th,my knuckles reduced in size and after two weeks, my poor swollen stomach had flattened and Stopped hurting.  Three weeks later, I feel much more alert and my eyes look brighter.  My back is almost without pain, and truthfully, I almost bounce out of bed in the morning.  THANK YOU! My point is, that your diet seems not only good for weight loss (I have lost 14 lbs in the first three
weeks) but good for my variety of food intolerance and dysfunctional gut.
Jennifer, London
Dear Dr. K
I did it (and am doing) fantastic. I started off at 178lbs And am now 148 lbs my goal is 131lbs and I hope to see that within a month. Over a three week period on the CC diet and then follow up diet - three weeks and now I am back on the CC diet. Only 17 lbs to go to get to my weight before I had three kids one after the other. Also my husband has lost 14 lbs and my mom lost 11 lbs. Fantastic easy to follow never hungry diet. Thanks.

Hey Dr. K!
I have been utilizing your Basic Cabbage/Chicken Fat Burning Soup Diet.  I find it is doing very well for me.  I am 57, have my blood pressure and cholesterol under control but I am obese.  My doctor told me to try a cabbage diet.  I am glad I found yours.  I started it on Monday, August 24, was on it good for two days, then we had friends come in and I had some foods during the weekend I shouldn't have had.  I got back on it Monday, August 31 and have been on it without cheating through today.  When I got on the scale this a.m., I couldn't wait for after the third day, I had lost
11 pounds since August 24.  I am definitely interested in your maintenance diet as long as there is no cost involved.  Pretty cheap of me, Huh?  My doctor said I can stay with the Cabbage diet as long as I want to get the weight off of me.  When I started, I weighed 336 pounds (August 24).
This a.m., I weighed 325.  I love it.  I have done before and tolerated that diet fairly well.  I just need to have this in my back Pocket to jar the weight loose.  Thanks a lot.
JET, Canada

 * LINK TO  http://www.wellnessmd.com/contract.html or http://www.themontereydiet.com.  "WELLNESSMD ON THE WEB" ON MY WEBSTIE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO PROCEED.

DrK's Low Carb Cabbage/Chicken Soup Diet


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