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The Monterey Diet™– The Seven Steps

From a scientific and easily understandable viewpoint, this book will show you how our environment can make anyone fat and what he or she can do about it. In the process you will learn how to lose weight and keep it off. These tips will help you to achieve your goal through the use of seven lifestyle-altering tools presented as the Monterey Diet™.


Step 1 Hormone balance is  essential for abundant health. Yet only a few hormones like leptin can truly limit your appetite. For more on leptin http://www.themontereydiet.com/appetitecontrol.htmlor http://www.themontereydiet.com/ghrelin_and_leptin.html


Step 2 During your second week, try fasting for a few days using the modified fast. This is a good place to start. This program is included in the addendum or online at: http://www.wellnessmd.com/cc_diet.html The average loss is 10 lbs in the first week.
This will really help to motivate you!


Step 3 At this time, fasting is the only proven technique for balancing the appetite hormones­ghrelin and leptin. Paired hormones allow the restoration of hunger needed to control your weight and the decrease in hunger needed to cut down on calories. For more information, go to: http://www.themonterydiet.com/appetitehormones.html


Step 4 Visit: http://www.wellnessmd.com/cc_diet.html for The Monterey Diet™ online. Again think of this dietary lifestyle as a food plan for life, consisting of approximately 10 to 20% FAT ­30% to 40% PROTEIN­ 45% to 50%CARBOHYDRATES­ 5% PLAY (this is the fun part). THAT¹S IT! This is a balanced program to help you eat better forever.


Step 5 RECORD ALL YOUR DAILY CALORIES* ­ Simply write down everything you eat and calculate your calories daily. You can lose an additional 20 pounds, without further dieting, if you keep a Food Diary, writing down everything you eat. In order to accurately count your calories and calculate your fat intake, use www.calorieking.com or www.myfooddiary.com, which are available on my website at: www.themonterydiet.com.


Step 6 Sit down and total up your daily calorie load. Now multiply that times 365 days.  You will quickly discover how many pounds you will gain over the year by dividing the number by 3500. If you are shocked, schedule a consultation with me, at WellnessMD on the web to find out what you need. Individual and group programs are available through our executive branch. Order your online copy of the CD program at: http://www.wellnessmd.com/CD.html or http://www.wellnessmd.com/lifestyleapproach.html


Step 7 *Your Daily Calorie intake will probably vary somewhere in the range of 1200-3000 if you are a woman.  Visit our website: www.themonterydiet.com/calories.html to figure out how many calories you burn depending on your activity level. Good luck! Let your hunger be your guide and above all, eat consciously and enjoy your nourishment.  

    Overweight has reached epidemic proportions. Do you want to know why?
From an easily understandable viewpoint, this book will show you why our environment can make anyone fat and what to do about it. In the process you will learn how to lose weight and keep it off. These tips will help you to achieve your goal through seven lifestyle-altering steps presented as The Monterey Diet™.


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