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The Monterey Diet™– Seven Steps Worth Taking

By A. H. Kryger, MD. DMD.  (239) Pages

Thousands of books are written about how to lose weight. Back in 2003, Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, wrote a bestseller that encouraged healthy eating by emphasizing three stages incorporating good fat and good carbohydrates as The South Beach Diet. A 2007 bestseller entitled, Skinny Bitch, by Kim Barnouin, made some great points for women wanting their figures back after pregnancy. Needless to say there are countless others, but this is not your typical diet book.

Chapter Outline


Part 1 –Your Diet, Your Genes and
The Environment

Preface: The Skinny on Losing Weight

Chapter 1–Nutritional Genomics (7)

  • How Genes and Hormones Alter Your Metabolism
  • Hormones and Weight Gain–What’s the Connection?
  • Energy Imbalance Adds Up to Extra Pounds
  • Do You Need Protein and Fiber?
  • How Your Diet Affects Your Aging

Chapter 2–Overweight and More  (31)  

  • Why Do We Get Fat?
  • Are You Just Overweight?
  • Why We Love Certain Foods
  • Weight Gain Through Dieting
  • The Obesity-Cancer Link

Chapter 3–Appetite and Your Weight (59)

  • The Wake-Up-Its-Time-for-Breakfast Hormone
  • Do Fat Cells Make Hormones? 
  • Is Appetite Control Possible?
  • Why Stress Makes You Overeat
  • Eating To Live Instead of Living To Eat

Chapter 4– You Are When You Eat (78)

  • The Relationship Between Hunger and Sleep
  • Sleep Less, Eat More and Get Bigger!
  • Why Fat People Snore?
  • How Hormones Help You To Lose Weight While You Sleep

Chapter 5–Regaining Hunger (94)

  • No More Diets!
  • What Do You Have To Lose?
  • What Regulates Your Appetite
  • How To Restore Your Hunger

Chapter 6–The Rewards of Vegetarianism (104)

  • The Earth Will Survive, With or Without Us.
  • Too Much Protein!
  • Our Toxic Nation
  • Healthy Living Basics




Part 11- What To Do To Stay Slim

Chapter 7–Living Well Without A Diet (141)

  • Permanent Weight Loss– Fantasy or Reality?
  • Preventive Medicine Tips For Your body
  • Living Well Without a Diet
  • Extreme Diets, Extreme Consequences
  • How Physical Activity Decreases Inflammation

Chapter 8–Feeling Full On An Empty Stomach (161)

  • Tricks To Keep You Slim
  • Preventing Diabetes and Fatness
  • Good Fats Versus Bad Fats
  • Finding Lost Pounds
  • Five Successful Strategies for Feeling Full

Chapter 9– Winning The Battle of the Bulge–(185)

  • Exercise Till You Sweat!
  • The Secret To Reversing Flabbiness
  • Do Diet Pills Work?
  • A Winning Prescription for Both Sexes

Chapter 10- How Best To Lose  (201)

  • Your Ideal Body Weight
  • What Works and What Doesn’t
  • The Monterey Diet™–The Seven Step Program To Change Your Shape

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