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The Monterey Diet™– About the Author

Dr. Abraham Kryger began his pursuit of medicine while a practicing dentist
Abraham H Kryger, MD, DMD in Vancouver, Canada. He returned to the University of Manitoba and after graduation in 1973, as a medical doctor, he became a resident at Stanford in their plactic surgery program. He later expanded his expertise to include the field of Holistic Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Kryger practices Preventive Medicine in a small Monterey, California office overlooking the bay. This modest location belies his more than 35 years of experience, which included a fellowship in France, Switzerland and Israel, a year as a hospital administrator in Los Angeles, and a side breath of specialized interest ranging from nutritional therapy and endocrinology to acupuncture.

The Monterey Diet is Dr. Kryger's third book and reflects his deep interest in helping patients to improve the quality and longevity of their lives. If you
would like to learn more about Dr. Kryger, please visit him at either of his web sites:





More about Abraham H. Kryger, MD, DMD

A board-certified Family Practitioner and Preventive Medicine specialist in full-time practice in Monterey, California. Dr. Kryger received both his undergraduate, dental and medical degrees at the University of Manitoba, Canada. For over 25 years he has been a pioneer in the field of hormone replacement,
with a special focus on healthy aging and wellness medicine. He is the author of three books,
Listen To Your Hormones (2004 and a new book, A Woman's Guide to Men's Health (2006)
and now The Monterey Diet™, Seven Steps Worth Taking (2009).


“This is a must-have reference for every man who wants to be 
happier and healthier.”

Evelyn Waterman
PhD psychotherapist, Santa Monica, California

”This book by Dr. Kryger contains a wealth of information and
provides practical ways that men can begin to rebalance their
hormones and rebuild their health.”

John Robbins
Author of Diet for a New America

”This is a hormone guidebook for everyone‹a very clear and
concise explanation of the action of hormones on the brain.”

Leslie Lundt, MD,
Psychiatrist, Boise, Idaho

More than 13 million U.S. men suffer from testosterone deficiency. It jeopardizes not only sexual and reproductive health, but also the cardiovascular system, bone and muscle strength, memory and emotional well-being. And increasingly, younger men are at risk.
What can men (and the women who love them) do to avoid this condition? How can those who have been diagnosed improve their quality of life?

The key culprits are estrogen-like manmade chemicals that permeate our air, water and food supply. "The link is undeniable, I've seen first-hand how synthetic chemicals can disrupt endocrine and reproductive systems. They threaten our fertility, our intelligence--our very survival. But there's help for those with low testosterone, and hope for others who want to minimize toxic exposure."

Based on current medical and environmental evidence, 'Listen to Your Hormones' cuts through the hype and confusion about the vital role that testosterone plays in key bodily functions. It explains the consequences of ignoring hormone imbalances, and charts a course for men who must navigate the uncertain waters surrounding testosterone therapy.

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