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The Monterey Diet
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The Monterey Diet™ is not really a diet at all,

but more precisely seven steps for fine-tuning a lifestyle.


Overweight and obesity has reached epidemic proportions
. According to Time Magazine, January 12, 2009, about 27 percent of male truck drivers, female nurse¹s aids, female cab drivers and male bus drivers are obese, and 28 percent of male law enforcement officers are obese. Sixty percent of Americans are overweight and the morbidly obese are the fastest growing part of the population.

Do you want to know why?

From an easily understandable viewpoint, this book will show you why our environment can make anyone fat and what to do about it. In the process you will learn how to lose weight and keep it off. These tips will help you to achieve your goal through seven lifestyle-altering steps presented as The Monterey Diet™.



Take the seven week challenge!

The Monterey DietBuy your copy of The Monterey Diet
The Monterey Diet™ is not really a diet at all, but more precisely seven steps for fine-tuning a lifestyle. A feat that anyone can accomplish in only seven weeks. If you like the results, you will stick with it; if not, you go back to your old ways. I am going to work with you and support your interest in controlling your weight. By giving you the facts you will be able to bring your body into balance. Once all your systems are working as one you should be able to reach your optimal weight.

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